Beverly Hills Community Information

Beverly Hills is a small sized town – Less than six square miles in size, Beverly Hills is strictly a neighborhood of homes and shops. Beverly Hills real estate has been a hot commodity because the city has churches, restaurants, but no industry; it also has boutiques, parks. It rivals Santa Monica real estate as being one of the top places to live on the Westside. Some call it a “ritzier” version of Santa Monica real estate. Beverly Hills homes are truly representative of the ideal place to live and to raise a family. Beverly Hills is an amazing place for the successful to live in comfort, and to shop and dine at their leisure. It just so happens that many of these fortunate few are celebrities. On the city’s tree-lined streets, you’ll see more stretch limos, shining Mercedes-Benzes, and sleek Ferraris per square mile than at any other place on earth. Even the fireplugs in Beverly Hills are painted a gleaming silver. The city’s first mayor (back in 1926) was a celebrity: actor Will Rogers. Essentially, you’ll find that many owners of Beverly Hills real estate are celebrities.

Security within Beverly Hills is top notch. If you buy real estate in Beverly Hills, rest assured that you will be living in one of the safest areas in Southern California. This is easily the safest neighborhood in California as The Beverly Hills police department prides itself on being able to respond to any call in less than a minute. People continually choose Beverly Hills, CA as their home location because of the security, beauty, and liveliness of the city.

Beverly Hills is, undeniably, an extremely handsome neighborhood. Its commercial streets are immaculate and filled with exclusive boutiques and sophisticated shoppers. Its Civic Center is a gorgeous, mission-style landmark. Its residential thoroughfares are lined with multi-million dollar mansions, towering trees, and miles of manicured green lawns. Just visiting beautiful Beverly Hills can lift your spirits.

It also boasts Rodeo Drive, probably the wealthiest and most famous shopping district in the world. It is not hard to find celebrities strolling the streets of Rodeo Drive for their shopping needs. Incredibly beautiful hotels and dining restaurants also line the streets of Beverly Hills. If you are looking for a home that is surrounded with lively events and a world renowned culture, come visit Beverly Hills real estate.

Convinced that Beverly Hills is for you? Beverly Hills, CA real estate is undoubtedly an amazing place to live or a great place to purchase income property as an investment.
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